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Chiptuning software


Each car is equipped with standard control software from the factory. In most cases, this control software has been developed well within the maximum load of the engine in question. Dejavu Cars uses this margin by optimizing the parameters of the software in a more ideal way. Dejavu Cars refers to "chiptuning software" after the adjustment. This more ideal tuning results, among other things, in more power and torque.

For engines with turbo or other load pressure increase, this results in an improvement of 20 to 40%. For engines without turbo, optimization of the engine management results in a power gain of about 10%. Another aspect that is seen as a great advantage is that after optimisation the engine becomes much livelier and reacts faster to throttle movements.

Software variants from the factory

Car manufacturers develop cars with different software variants that are written well within the load of the engine. Thanks to this wide adjustment, the car manufacturer has the possibility to bring different versions, with different power ratings, of a certain model on the market. Each car that leaves the factory has a certain margin of safety left. This margin is well adjusted to prevent engine damage. This allows Dejavu Cars to fill this overcapacity slightly with chiptuning, without sacrificing the life of the engine.

During the development of our product we have taken into account the margins in which we can move without compromising the quality or safety of your car. In addition, each individual optimisation takes into account the specific factors for your car such as year of manufacture, transmission and the condition of essential parts.

Every car is different. Therefore, we first read the current software of your car and then configure it according to the optimization of your choice - if possible. Quality, safety and guarantee of an improved driving experience are the most important factors at Dejavu Cars. After the configuration, the software is read back into the ECU (engine computer) and you are ready for more driving fun with your "new" car.

Price is from 349,- EUR incl. 21% VAT


  • STAGE 1
  • 5-year guarantee on the optimised software
  • Result remains within EU emission requirements, so no problem with APK
  • 5 years service assist (free reading in case of malfunctions)