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12 - 30V SYSTEMS

Tracking systems to protect your vehicle, machine or vessel

Security by means of 12-30V wired tracking systems
Systems that are connected to the battery of your vehicle, machine or vessel can be used effectively to protect your objects. Because these systems are wired / connected to the battery of the protected object, they often contain a lot of possibilities when it comes to detection.

Protection of equipment in your vehicle, machine or vessel
We are not only talking about the theft of your vehicle or machine but also about the theft of the equipment in the object itself such as screens, GPS bulbs, airbags etc. For example, it is possible to use a contact wire to provide an alarm when a screen is stolen from your tractor or to receive an alarm when someone opens the sliding door of your bus.

In addition, a tracking system to protect your vehicles, machines or vessels must have an internal back-up battery. This is because the system must still be able to function even when the battery terminals are disconnected.

In many cases, the product choice you make for the protection of your property is therefore determined on the basis of the technical specifications of the security tracking system to be installed.

Theft tracking system

Preventing the theft of vehicles, machinery and vessels is an important part of your fleet management. But knowing where your property is when it is stolen goes beyond installing a tracking system. So what makes a good tracking system for the security of your assets?

Technical specifications

A tracking system for the security of your machines, vehicles or vessels starts with a bit of knowledge of the secured object and the choice of a product with the correct technical specifications.

General technical requirements 12/24V tracking system for securing objects:

Presence of a backup battery
Presence of Jammer detecie in conjunction with immobiliser
Presence of multiple communication protocols