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Vessel tracking systems
Securing a vessel or boat by means of a tracking system differs from the standard in several respects. The large differences between different types of boats, personal watercraft and jet skis make the security by means of a vessel tracking system almost a custom job. A vessel tracking system therefore differs from other tracking systems in several respects, and it is often necessary to work with different equipment.

A boat or other vessel often lies in the water and then always moves. Triggers based on movement after a certain period of time (such as with vehicles and machinery) and a towing alarm therefore do not provide a solution for detecting a theft. It is also often not possible to install a proper alarm system on a boat or jet ski / watercraft. The battery is often too small or not charged often enough to power the alarm and detection by sensors is very difficult because a boat is often open or covered by a sidewall. This also makes detection of theft more difficult.

Class 3 Vessel security / Class 3 vessel tracking system
For some time now, Class 3 EBV 01 (and EBV02) for vessel tracking systems is no longer supported by the VBV / SCM. The CCV now monitors the standards and has decided not to create a new certification for vessels/boats for the time being.

Secure Service
The Marine Secure Service solution consists of 2 parts:

The Marine Secure hardware (Multitracker)
The 'Secure Service' control room service (official PAC)

The Marine Secure System can be purchased through Dejavu Cars.

After installation, the system is tested for correct operation and photographs are taken of the installation and the secured vessel.

After this, the Regent's help desk will contact the vessel owner to discuss all security measures/agreements and explain the operation of the vessel tracking system.

Finally, an object passport is created. This contains the most important information of the secured object and the service installed and purchased by the end user.

When this is completed, the user receives a digital Secure Service certificate.

General information:

Secure Service App:
If the vessel is moved to another sailing area (outside the agreed fencing) or moved over land, this will be registered by the client in the personal account within the App or at the control room. At the request of the client, the fence security will be 'temporarily' deactivated. The tracking system will remain in operation. Changing warning addresses or selling the secure object must also be reported via the Secure Service App.

Secure Service cancellation
Cancellation of your Secure Service service must be done by registered mail or by registering in your Secure Service App.

In case of non-payment of a yearly 'Secure Service' license, Dejavu Cars will inform the customer that the service will be suspended and there will no longer be active security of the vessel. The insurer will then no longer provide cover against theft if the vessel is not secured in storage + by locks.

Vessel security tracking system - Vessel tracking system
When securing a boat or outboard engine or a Jetski or Personal Watercraft by means of a vessel tracking system, one of the greatest risks is the chance of detection of the vessel tracking system by the thief. Where this risk is much lower in 'rolling' objects, it actually plays a central role in the case of a boat, jet ski or personal watercraft.

A Multitracker set is indispensable when it comes to the security of a vessel. The basic system ensures rapid detection of the thief's steel where the additional beacons in many cases realize the actual detection.

Vessel tracking system approved by insurers
Secure Service as the only vessel security, vessel tracking systems for the professional market that have been approved by various water sports insurers. With the expiration of the VBV/SCM certification EBV-01 / 02, Secure Service has deployed certification to guarantee the quality of its services in combination with high quality vessel tracking systems. Affiliated insurers accept the Secure Service certificate as proof of a well-secured vessel.

Multitracker sets
As a rule, Dejavu Cars now advises its customers to use a multi-part system in case of theft protection on a high-risk asset. We often talk about a wired 12-24V system in combination with a wireless (autonomous) system.