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About Us

Dejavu Cars specializes in offering various car parts, auto-tuning and styling products at extremely competitive prices.

Shop / Showroom / Warehouse

Zeemanstraat 39
2991 XR Barendrecht


Dejavu Cars delivers only high quality styling products for all car brands and models at competitive prices. Many of these products are made exclusively.

Doing business with Dejavu Cars means ultimate service, because it does not stop at the delivery of the product. Our direct involvement in all aspects of our products makes it possible for us to offer a unique service. We are happy to help you with any problem.

Why Dejavu Cars?
Most products are first tested on cars to check the quality, fit and thoroughness, this has the advantage that you as a customer are satisfied and can purchase carefree articles.

Please look further on our website what Dejavu Cars has to offer.
For more information about our products, please contact us.