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Class 1

An approved SCM immobiliser protects your car against theft. Every European car is equipped with an immobiliser ex-factory. This ex-factory immobilizer is no longer sufficient due to new theft methods. The ex-factory immobilizer will be equipped with an extra immobilizer with its own authorization. This engine immobilizer will give an additional authorization after which the car can be started. An approved immobilizer with its own authorization is suitable for every make, model and type of car.

A self-authorized SCM immobilizer consists of the following protection:

Double automatic immobilizer: blocking of the starter motor and (in many cases) the fuel pump Own authorization: protection against intrusion into car information network by means of wireless transponder or handheld transmitter LED indicator: deters car thieves.

SCM-Autobeveiliging only builds in SCM/VbV approved immobilisers. We only install A-brands and an interference-free immobiliser. For an immobiliser with its own authorisation, we use a DEFA WAECO immobiliser or a COBRA immobiliser, depending on the make, model or type of car.

More and more insurers are demanding to have an immobiliser with their own authorisation installed. It is a relatively inexpensive solution that prevents car theft. An immobiliser only protects against theft of the car and not against burglary and theft of parts (airbags, car radio navigation system, sports steering wheel, etc.). An SCM alarm system or an SCM alarm system with inclination detection do offer this protection. We recommend to extend an immobilizer with an alarm system or an alarm system with slope angle detection. This way, car thieves do not have the time to dismantle an immobiliser.

Price: 389,- incl. 21% VAT

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