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Class 5

The SCM security class Recovery System (TV01) has been established by Kiwa SCM (Certification mark CCV) since June 2016. A Kiwa SCM (Keurmerk CCV Voertuigbeveiliging) approved TV01 retrieval system is an after-theft system that ensures that a vehicle, in accordance with the standard, must be retrieved within 24 hours in the Netherlands.

After-theft systems with a TV01 certification meet a recovery percentage of at least 80% or higher.

TV01 certification is possible, provided that the vehicle is equipped with Kiwa SCM certified basic protection. This can be in the form of:

SCM Class Immobiliser
SCM Class Alarm System
SCM Class Alarm system with slope angle detection

Price: 849,- incl. 21% VAT (for vehicles with Class 3 alarm)
Price: 1399,- incl. 21% VAT (for vehicles without Class 3 alarm)

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