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Pops & Bangs (Anti-lag System)

An anti-lag system (Pops & Bangs) is a technique that is actually designed for racing. Since turbo's are placed on car engines one has to deal with a turbo-delay. If the accelerator is released during the race, the turbo loses its pressure. The moment the throttle is released again, it takes a while before the turbo is fully pressurised again, and thus also before the engine delivers full power again. An antilayer system ensures that after releasing the accelerator the turbo keeps on turning the impeller of the turbo and the "problem" of a slowly flushing turbo is solved. Applying the antilag system is done in the engine computer.

By injecting extra fuel after releasing the accelerator pedal and slowing it down, the turbo impeller keeps on revving.

What are the advantages of Pops and Bangs?

On the regular road, those (milli)seconds of gain that you take with gas every time, will often not be the consideration to have an antilag system applied. The much more direct response of the engine, on the other hand, is very nice. However, the main reason for applying antilag will be that the engine noise changes considerably the moment the throttle is released. After releasing the accelerator there will be loud bangs (Pops & Bangs) and in some cases flames coming out of the exhaust. Certainly in combination with a sports exhaust, stabbing flames are the rule rather than the exception. During a tuning session you can choose to have us apply the antilag system.

In theory, the antilag system is nothing more than resetting the ignition when the accelerator is released (35 to 40 degrees after the upper dead point). This in combination with a light amount of extra fuel will take care of the Pops and Bangs.

There is an important disadvantage that has to be mentioned. Due to the antilayer system, the turbo will become warmer and will have to give up on its life span.