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MaxHaust Soundgenerator

Active Sound

The Maxhaust Active Sound System simulates amazingly realistic sounding engine and futuristic e-sounds via the vehicle's characteristic data.


The MaxHaust Sound generator system consists of

  • A high quality patented loudspeaker mounted in a special stainless steel housing
  • ESM control unit (external sound module)
  • Cable set
  • MaxHaust SoundBooster module

The ESM takes care of the deep, loud noise that is determined according to the actual speed. With the MaxHaust SoundBooster module you can customize this sound via a free App on your smartphone (iOS and Andoid).


PRICE FROM € 1999,- (incl. 21% VAT & Assembly)


Are there different sounds? If so, what's the difference?

The Maxhaust Sound module has several pre-installed sounds but we are constantly developing new sounds. We offer these for free via the app.

I have a lease car, can I have a Maxhaust installed and what if I return the car to the lease company?

The system can be easily installed or removed. When dismantling in the interior, the holes are sealed with a closed rubber grommet. In rare cases the carpet insert may need to be replaced. The costs may not exceed 100, - Euro. So far we have not had any bad experiences with the lease declaration.

Can I operate the system via my vehicle profiles or other buttons?

Yes. The preferred variant can be set via the smartphone app. Depending on your make and type of vehicle, it is also possible to control the driving profiles, such as the "Drive Select" (Comfort, Auto, Dynamic) for Audi or the "Agility" profile for Mercedes. In addition, keys such as ESP or cruise control are also possible. 

Can I hear the sound inside the vehicle?

Yes, you can. Depending on the selected profile, the "OUT-SOUND" speaker can also be heard indoors. The ENGINE speaker can only be heard at the front of the vehicle. This is hardly noticeable in the interior.

Should there be any coding in the vehicle after installation of the system?

No. The system is ready for use immediately after installation. It does not need to be coded. 

Will my warranty on the vehicle expire due to the installation of a Maxhaust system?

No, the legal warranty on the vehicle does not expire due to the installation of a Maxhaust system.  Accessories only affect the seller's warranty if the accessories can be demonstrably identified as the reason for the defect.  The warranty will then pass to the accessory manufacturer, i.e. he will be liable for any damage to the vehicle.

Can I also switch off the system?

Yes, this can be done in 2 ways (depending on the vehicle) or via the original vehicle buttons or via the app.

Can malfunctions occur after installing the system?

No. We do advise to have the system installed by a specialised company. Our system only reads data from the vehicle. It does not write data to the vehicle. Errors are therefore excluded.

Is there an extra on/off switch?

We do not offer an extra button or switch. Especially since you can just use the existing original vehicle buttons and the app! The advantages are clear. Who wants to lay extra cables and drill holes in the fittings, you can of course always interrupt the power supply to our modules via a switch and turn the system on and off. But very unnecessary.

If I have a double exhaust system (duplex), do I have to install 2 speakers ?

No. That is certainly not necessary because the Maxhaust has nothing to do with the exhaust system. The sound is distributed underneath the vehicle, so you can't hear whether the sound comes from the left or the right.