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Starry Sky & Car Belt



Starry sky
We make starry skies for every application. In your car. We make it fit. We have found the right features and materials together to create a high-quality starry sky. Durable materials together with experienced craftsmen ensure the best quality. Rolls-Royce options have never been so close.

Our starry skies are pure craftsmanship. Each star is worked into the canopy by hand. Extra attention is paid to the finishing of the star, which ensures that each star is unique. We create the pattern and style according to your wishes.

Car seat belt colour change
At Dejavu Cars, you can go for car seat belt colour replacement. We have more than 20 seatbelt colours available from stock. The original fixing of the car remains the same, we only change the belt itself so it also tightens and is completely safe for daily use. Do you want to replace seat belts because they do not meet the MOT requirements due to damage? We make sure your interior and nicer appearance and look is changed.

Make your car unique? Dejavu Cars will take care of it. By replacing your standard seatbelt with a seatbelt in the colour of your choice, you will notice that your interior will get a totally different look. Even if it is just a small detail that adds to the interior of the vehicle. At Dejavu Cars, we can apply all kinds of patterns and colours to suit your preferences.

We only use very high quality seatbelts, similar to original seatbelts and use industrial sewing machines and thread. Your safety is number one when it comes to seatbelt replacement. At Dejavu Cars, we make sure your dream car is realised. Therefore, to realise your dream car, we are spiacilised in more services than just seatbelt replacement.