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Class 4

SCM Class Vehicle Tracking System is the new name for the former security class 4 and 5, supplemented by an additional immobiliser.

A vehicle tracking system is a security system with which your car can be tracked, traced and blocked after theft. This security system consists of a tracking system (Mi50) and an immobiliser (MiBlock).

A vehicle tracking system is linked to a private alarm centre (PAC alarm centre). This PAC alarm centre is in direct contact with the national police. As soon as a vehicle is stolen, or is in motion without motor contact, a sabotage report will be sent to the PAC alarm centre. The control room will then contact the owner/driver of the vehicle for verification.

In the event of theft and an official theft report, a private investigative agency (POB) and the police will be called in.

Kiwa SCM only issues Class Vehicle Tracking System certificates if the vehicle is also equipped with Kiwa SCM certified basic security. This can be in the form of:

SCM Class Immobiliser
SCM Class Alarm System
SCM Class Alarm system with slope angle detection

In most cases a vehicle tracking system can also be used for trip registration and fleet management services.

Price: 699,- incl. 21% VAT

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