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The images of the vehicles or of the products with a logo are for illustration purposes. We do not sell any logos.

DEJAVU CARS supplies aftermarket parts. They are not original parts of the respective car brands. (unless otherwise stated)

Products in primer are equipped with factory primer (transport primer). Painting on factory primer is at your own risk. Using your own primer is strongly recommended.

Products are delivered without installation instructions (unless otherwise stated). We are not liable for the assembly and its consequences. Our products are not do-it-yourself products. We strongly recommend that assembly is carried out by professionals or by us.


Are the OEM LINE LED and xenon lamps equipped with E-, and or ECE Keur?

No, on aftermarket LED and xenon with H, T or B fitting indication no E or ECE approval will be issued. These products are specifically designed by us for rally, circuit, own terrain, off road use and tuning/car shows and are not allowed on public roads.

This is due to the Dutch legislation 'Regeling voertuigen' (Article 4.1 and 4.2 of the Vehicles Regulations) in which European directives and regulations in the field of traffic products are further included. The Road Traffic Act 1994 applies here.

The European legislation that ensures that no E-/ ECE Approval is issued for this type of lamp applies to all xenon and LED lamps with H, T and B fitting indications. Even if the seller does not mention this or if the bulbs come from another country than the Netherlands.