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Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml

  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
  • Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml
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Foliatec Spray Film 2x 400ml

With Foliatec Spray Film set rims or smooth and solvent-resistant accessory parts can be modified quick and easily. There's no need to substitute old or damaged rims. The Spray Film gives a new appearance to them quick and easily - and this saves cash money. Just shake it well and spray it on - they will look in mint condition.

And here is the clou: Spray Film can simply be removed again.

  • very good opacity
  • high-elastic
  • easy to handle
  • easy to remove
  • ideal for car, hobby, home & garden
  • our spray can also be applied upside down
  • top efficiency since you can spray the can empty

The Spray Film set includes:

  • 2 x 400 ml cans SPRAY FILM
  • additional fan nozzle for broader and more even coverage when spraying large surfaces
  • 25 cards for masking between the wheel rims and tyres
  • 4 cleaning wipes for degreasing
  • 1 pair of disposable protective gloves

Application for Spray Film

  • Remove the wheels, clean the rims and degrease them with the enclosed cleaning wipes.
  • Place the enclosed cards between the wheel rims and tyres.
  • Carefully apply the Spray Film, done.

    Note: Approx. 30 min. after the last spraying, the Spray Film will be dry enough for you to re-mount your tires.


Frequently asked

What can I spray with SPRAY FILM?
⇒ All smooth and solvent resistant surfaces can be sprayed with SPRAY FILM.

Does the surface need to be sanded?
⇒ No. Sanding the surface makes the SPRAY FILM unable to remove.

Is SPRAY FILM car wash-proof and would it withstand high pressure washing?
⇒ The SPRAY FILM is suitable for car wash systems without mechanical rim cleaning. Cleaning with a high pressure washer is also possible (minimum distance 50 cm).

Can I change a tire with sprayed rims?
⇒ Yes, but plenty of assembly paste should be used. We recommend mounting the tire first before spraying the rim.

How can I remove spray mist?
⇒ Spray mist can be removed using SPRAY FILM REMOVER (item no. 2109).

How temperature resistant is the SPRAY FILM?
⇒ The SPRAY FILM is temperature resistant up to about 120 °C.

How do I repair small damages to the SPRAY FILM?
⇒ Small damages can simply be sprayed or dabbed away. The SPRAY FILM will bind with the old coat.

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