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Foliatec Exhaust 2K paint spray 250 ml

  • Foliatec Exhaust 2K paint spray 250 ml
  • Foliatec Exhaust 2K paint spray 250 ml
  • Foliatec Exhaust 2K paint spray 250 ml
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Foliatec Exhaust 2K paint spray 250 ml

Would you like to give your vehicle a sporty look? Then the exhaust 2K spray paint is just the thing for it: simply spray on and the exhaust tailpipe and / or cover shine in new splendor!

Our exhaust 2K spray paint is an innovative 2-component system: the hardener is located directly in the can, there is no longer any need for laborious mixing!

available in black gloss (looks like black chrome)
heat resistant
chemical, corrosion and oil resistant
ideal for tailpipe and / or trim
modern sports car look

Shake the can vigorously before use! Remove the red push button from the cap immediately before painting.
Turn the can 180 ° and place it on the pin on the bottom of the can.
Press the red release button with the ball of your hand as far as it will go. Shake the can vigorously again after triggering.
Note: After the hardener has been activated, the processing time of the can is 5 - 6 hours.

You can find detailed information on assembly in the assembly instructions!

assembly Instructions

Often asked
How do I prepare the exhaust for painting?
⇒ The exhaust must be finely sanded (grain size 600-1000) and then cleaned of oil, grease and silicone. Before painting, the exhaust must also be dry and free of dust.

Can I pull off the EXHAUST 2K LACKSPRAY again?
⇒ No, it is a permanent coating.

How temperature resistant is the paint?
⇒ The paint is temperature-resistant up to approx. 180 ° C continuous load or 220 ° C short-term load.

Can I drive through the car wash with the painted tailpipes?
⇒ Yes, car wash visits are possible without any problems.

How do I clean the sprayed tailpipes?
⇒ It is best to use car shampoo. The Exhaust 2K paint spray can also be treated with car polish.

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