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Bumper & Trim Gel

  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
  • Bumper & Trim Gel
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Bumper & Trim Gel

A rich gel that instantly protects all external unvarnished plastic and rubber surfaces, restoring their original deep colour.

The unpainted external plastic and rubber surfaces of your car can fade from deep black to pale grey over time. Bumper & Trim Gel restores the original colour and leaves a shiny, water-repellent thin coat.

The gel contains no dyes and can therefore be used to restore all unpainted plastic surfaces to their original colour.

Use on external plastic, vinyl and rubber, including moulded plastic bumpers, grilles, mirror housings, trim, wheel covers, door handles, vinyl roofs, rubber bumpers, spoilers and mud flaps.

Pro tip: Bumper & Trim Gel can also be used on door seals during the winter to prevent them from freezing.

Instructions for use

1. Shake well and apply to a dry, clean surface using a polishing sponge (Perfect Polish Applicator).
2. Rub well to ensure an even coating. Apply the product with a small brush to treat complex grilles.
3. Wipe off remaining product with a clean microfibre cloth to prevent bleeding in humid weather.
4. Bumper & Trim Gel is not harmful to the paintwork; simply wipe off any remaining product with a cloth.


Q: Can I use Bumper & Trim Gel to repair unpainted bumpers and trim on the outside?
A: Bumper & Trim Gel can be used to refurbish all external unpainted plastic and rubber mouldings, but will not permanently repair them.

Q: Can I apply Bumper & Trim Gel to a vinyl soft-top roof?
A: Absolutely. If your soft top is made of vinyl, you can use Bumper & Trim Gel to repair and protect the surface. If you have a vinyl roof with a dust effect, you should use the Convertible Soft Top Clean and Protect Kit.

Q: Does Bumper & Trim Gel contain silicone?
A: Bumper & Trim Gel (Bumper & Trim Gel) does indeed contain silicone.

Safety data sheets


How to use Autoglym Bumper & Trim Gel

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